Xavi Kras


xk-spXavi Kras is a “hybrid of sound & eras”, an artist who is continually recreating himself and it precisely what he has been doing with his music since 1996. An Architect, composer, front-man, producer, and [as he always states] not a DJ but a LIVE PERFORMER controlling the tunes, loops & beats of a sound that is becoming not just distinctive but also characteristic.

In his beginnings -known as Javier Krasuk (1996 – 2007)- with influences coming from Gabriel, Kravitz & Linkin Park, his productions and appearances placed his experimental pop in radios of Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. An “animale di parco scenico”, as the Italian Press started to call him after he presented his album “Vanity” at the legendary “Ragno d’Oro” in Milan.

Five years after his last album’s launch, Xavi Kras is venturing in the techno & electrohouse scene produced by MonkeyBizMusic. Experimenting with new technologies and testing them up to their very limits, leaving known formulas and pre-established parameters, Xavi presented Armadonium (2012) and SlamDaKick (2013) sweeping genres and creating for himself a cult of Electro & Techno followers with tens of thousands plays in SoundCloud alone.

“Only four notes, the right ones, a defined baseline and a crafted kick, then…, its all about feeling the filters & resonances…”, says Xavi. At his live performances, he deploys all his artillery creating a wide range of sounds that reach all six senses: “I love to play multiple tracks simultaneously, almost up to the point of losing control. I like to get surprised and to surprise with my music. A lot of things happen in my sets, and they are always different”.

Xavi Kras gets very serious when it comes to sounds: “When I use a sound, I like to know what it is, where it comes from. I get obsessed with the tiny variations, I spend hours experimenting with it”. From a basic sound, I can create sensations and transmit feelings: “YOU CAN FEEL MY MUSIC, YOU CAN FEEL IT COMING, AND HOW STRONG IS COMING”.

Xavi spends a lot of his time composing and producing, since the beginning of 2013 up to date he produced seven singles and two EP’s, but he is without a doubt a Performer that breaths and lives only for the live-gigs (even though they are two things that, according to him, goes together). According to Xavi, a live performance is about the things you control but are continuously trying to get out of control. His set [Mars Beltway - “Tomorrowland 2012 Set”] was a huge success in the web allowing him to be recognized and acclaimed in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe, and his last one, [The Unexpected - BE TECHNO - Continuous WMC LIVE DJ], dropped Techno fan’s jaws getting impressive reviews, plays and comments in just a matter of hours after reaching the net.
“I enjoy Deadmau5, Sasha, Ricki Howtin, they drop themselves in an adventure, they create the waves for the masses to surf them. Each live performance is an adventure, to me and to my crowd, an unique experience”, says Xavi.
In august, he will start his international tour “The Trap”, where he will be presenting himself in USA, Europe, Middle & Far East.